Lighter glass bottles

Systembolaget continues its efforts to reduce the weight of single-use glass bottles in our range with the aim of encouraging our suppliers to switch to lighter glass bottles. Approximately 20 per cent of our still wines are sold in bottles that weigh less than the upper weight limits we have proposed.

The reason why we are focusing so hard on single-use glass bottles is that they are responsible for by far the biggest share of our climate footprint, and according to our calculations, the switch to lighter bottles will result in substantial reductions in emissions in the production stage and will also reduce emissions at the transport stage. 20 per cent of all wine is currently sold in lighter glass bottles. If that figure was 100 per cent, the saving in emissions would be around 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Which equates to driving approximately 1,500 times around the world.

The switch to lighter glass bottles is, therefore, an important part of our activities designed to enable us to achieve our climate goal for 2020 of bringing annual CO2 emissions down to 14,000 tonnes below the emission levels we had in 2014.