Systembolaget auction - with selected wine and spirits

In collaboration with Bukowskis, we organise online auctions with selected wines and spirits to give you the opportunity to buy and sell valuable collectors' items. The auctions are open to both corporate and private buyers and sellers.

Our definition of valuable items

The definition of valuable collectors' items is "wines, fortified wines or spirits which with continuity are bought and sold at international auctions and are in broad, documented demand".

Most of the items auctioned are the finest wines from:

  • the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône,
  • Champagne and Alsace in France
  • the regions of Piedmont, Venetia and Tuscany in Italy
  • the Mosel and Rheingau regions of Germany
  • the region of Ribera del Duero in Spain
  • some regions in Australia and the United States

The designation of "valuable collectors' items" also applies to some fortified wines such as vintage port and madeira. In addition, vintage spirits from the French regions of Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados can match the criteria - as can some malt whiskies from Scotland.


Fill in the valuation form (in swedish) to have your bottles valued.

Once we have received all your information, Systembolaget's assessors will carry out an initial evaluation. If the item meets our requirements for classification as a "valuable collectors' item", and if the bottle is considered interesting, a preliminary valuation is performed. Only interesting collectors' items are valued. We then send you a valuation message along with information about where and when you can deliver the item. Items are to be delivered to Bukowskis in Stockholm, Sweden, or to the company's branches in the Swedish cities of Gothenburg and Malmö. The sales contract itself is usually signed on delivery of the item(s).

Please note that we do not accept items without a valuation message. So please bring this message with you when delivering your bottles. We only value items that we consider to be interesting to sell at auction.

Items received are subjected to a final valuation and are given an estimated price. The bottles are then displayed at the Bukowskis premises at Västberga Allé in Hägersten, Sweden. Additional information about terms of sale are available online at


There are eight annual online auctions. Eleven days prior to an auction, all the bottles are presented online at the Bukowskis web site.

The items for sale are also displayed at the Bukowskis premises at Västberga Allé in Hägersten, Sweden, in the days leading up to the online auction. You can buy in a number of ways, so simply choose the one that suits you best.

You can submit a written offer in advance to Bukowskis' Customer Service department, either by completing a printed bid form or using the Internet to fill in an online form.

You can also bid during the auction itself via the Internet.

Additional information about buying terms are available online.

The catalogue

The various items are presented online on eleven days before the auction. Finally, the items will be on view at the Bukowskis premises at Västberga Allé 3, Hägersten, Sweden prior to the auction.


For additional information, please contact us at

or on +46 8 503 327 54

You can also contact Systembolaget's Customer Service department 
on +46 771 83 83 00 or at

You can also reach the various branches of Bukowskis on the following number: +46(0)8-614 080

Selling information

Online valuation form (in Swedish)

Information in Swedish