Andra språk

This is Systembolaget

Systembolaget is a state-owned chain of shops that have exclusive rights to sell alcoholic beverages.

Sales are conducted on a not-for-profit basis since this reduces alcohol-related problems. With no private profit motives, we have no reason to encourage our customers to purchase as much as possible, nor do we sell to people under the age of 20.

To shop at Systembolaget, you must be at least 20 years old. Anyone who buys alcohol must be able to prove their age with ID, if we ask for it.

If we believe that someone may be selling or giving alcohol to someone under the age of 20, we will refuse their purchase. 

You are welcome to shop at Systembolaget if you are sober. 

  • We have a large selection of products, which are available throughout the country.
  • We are market-neutral. No supplier or individual brand is favoured or discriminated against.
  • We are not profit-maximised and do not work to achieve excess sales.