Climate footprint

Reducing our direct and indirect climate footprint is an important goal for Systembolaget and reducing our carbon dioxide emissions is one of our strategic goals.

A recent environmental study, Environmental impacts of alcoholic beverages, confirmed that packaging is our biggest climate-related challenge. But packaging is also an area in which we can exert a positive and quantifiable influence, which is why much of our climate-related work revolves specifically around packaging.

Also our internal environmental work is important, not least in order to set a good example. Every modern organisation must work actively to reduce its climate footprint. Systembolaget is no exception to this, and our global supply chain makes it even more important that we examine how we can help ensure sustainable development. 

We are keen to reduce emissions from the areas over which we have total control, such as our own operations and our travel, but our ambition is also to reduce the indirect emissions that occur along the length of the value chain.