The Sustainability Platform

Systembolaget's Sustainability Platform is a key part of our sustainability work by creating conditions to work systematically for a sustainable supply chain.

Our sustainability work extends far beyond Sweden’s borders. Consequently, the Swedish state as Systembolagets owner demands that we in our purchasing process take environmental and social aspects into account regarding the production and cultivation of the products that we sell.  

Also, more and more consumers want to know how the drink they buy has been produced.  

Mapping and follow-ups 

Over time, we have identified a need to do more to secure good working conditions and reduce environmental impact throughout the supply chain. We must also make administration easier for growers, suppliers, producers and ourselves.  

Therefore, we have launched the Sustainability Platform. By mapping and follow-ups, this digital tool will enable us to track the sustainability impact and requirements throughout the supply chain. 

The Sustainability Platform enables better and broader traceability and is an efficient tool for monitoring all parties concerned – from growerand producers to suppliers 

Information in the supply chain can be collected more efficiently and secure through the Sustainability Platform. In addition, information can be shared between entities in different supply chains within the Systembolaget network. 

User-friendly and direct 

The Sustainability Platform is intended to be user-friendly to facilitate suppliers’, producers’ and growers sustainability work. As an example, a grower can answer questions directly in the fields by using their mobile. The information provided by an entity in the supply chain can then easily be overviewed and visualized for that entity. 

Full mapping of set range  

In 2019, the platform enabled us to map around 2,600 products, equalling the entire set rangeThese products collectively account for about 95 per cent of our total net sales. Our goal for 2020 is to use the Sustainability Platform to risk assess all products in the set range, and to include all products launched during the year on a rolling basis. 

Our aim is to achieve full traceability of the entire assortment by 2023