Sustainability guidances

Organic guidance

Organic is good for the animals, nature, land and the people where the grapes and grains for beverages are grown. The Organic guidance means that the beverage has been certified by an independent certification body.

What is organic?

The EU has set rules for what needs to apply for a product to be called organic. Chemical pesticides and fertilisers must not be used, and for wine, fewer additives are permitted during production.

Organic is mainly about how the raw materials (e.g. grapes and grain) are grown and processed.

Independent certification

The beverage must be certified by an independent certification body. Certification is voluntary and entails a financial cost for the producer.

Certified beverages display a logo on their packaging. For our beverages, this could be EU Organic, Demeter or KRAV.

We also label the beverages with an organic sign online and in stores. Biodynamic beverages can also be found within the organic category.

Why is organic a good choice to make?

Biodiversity is promoted when crops are grown without using chemical pesticides – insects, plants and animals thrive and the long-term productivity of soil improves. It is also good for the people working on the farms.

The fact that artificial fertilisers aren’t used is also important.

  • Firstly, because a lot of energy is consumed manufacturing them, which has a significant climate impact; and
  • Secondly, because the nitrogen and phosphorus in fertiliser often leads to nutrient imbalances in the soil and because it causes the soil to emit the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Nearby watercourses, lakes and marine environments are often affected by eutrophication and oxygen deficit, which threatens biodiversity.

How to find organic products in our stores

Look for the green Organic guidance. You will see it on the side of the shelf. If, for example, you are only looking for KRAV-certified products, you should look at the bottle, box or can for the KRAV label.

How to find organic products on and in our app

  • Use the search box or our filter for Organic.
  • Use different filters to narrow down your search, for example to type of beverage or a single country.