Sustainable Choice - our most sustainable products

Sustainable Choice (SWE: Hållbart val) is Systembolaget’s own label, which makes it easier for customers to find the most sustainable beverages.

The Sustainable Choice label (Hållbart val in Swedish) as seen of the shelf in stores.

Beverages carrying the Sustainable Choice label meet three criteria for sustainability.

Environmentally certified cultivation and production

The beverage has one or more Systembolaget-approved environmental certifications (organic or other). The certification(s) are displayed on the packaging.

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Packaging with lower climate footprint

Cardboard, boxes, PET, cans, pouches, deposit glass or lighter glass bottles, i.e. packaging with a lower climate footprint than a traditional glass bottle.

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Approved in our analysis of working conditions in cultivation and production

Systembolaget evaluates several areas including health and safety, fair and equal pay, decent working hours and the freedom of association.

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