Become a Systembolaget supplier

Small breweries, multinational companies and importers with different specialities – Systembolaget has approximately 1,000 suppliers offering drinks from around 5,000 producers from every corner of the world. Would you like to become a supplier too? This step-by-step guide tells you how to go about it.

Becoming a supplier demands a bit of work, a little time, and a few permits. It’s not overly complicated, though, and help is available.

Form a company that is registered for corporation tax and VAT

You must have a Swedish partner or a company of some kind that is registered in Sweden. If you don’t already have a Swedish company, you can find out about different corporate formats and register your company at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) at

The company must be registered for corporation tax (“F-skattsedel”) and have a VAT registration number. You can apply for both of these from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). If you have a Swedish partner, they must be in possession of both.

Obtain the necessary permits from the authorities

Your company must also have a licence to trade in alcohol. Your company can obtain this licence by being approved as an authorised warehousekeeper or a registered consignee. Forms are available from

If you have any questions, please contact the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) in Ludvika.

Your company does not need any of these licences if you are trading exclusively in alcohol-free drinks.

Your company must also register as a food-processing establishment. This can be done in one of two ways, depending on the nature of your company’s business:

  • with a local authority’s environmental health protection department (Miljö- och Hälsoskyddskontoret) if you intend to manufacture beer or import alcoholic drinks;
  • with the Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) if you intend to manufacture wines or spirits.

Further information is available from the National Food Agency (in Swedish).

Time to contact Systembolaget

You’ll soon be ready to start applying to become a Systembolaget supplier. You need to have the following things available when you contact us (Again, if you have a Swedish partner, they should comply with the following points)

  • Copies of the certificates and permits described above in sections 2-4:
    - Corporation tax registration papers
    - VAT number
    - A licence to trade in alcohol (approved warehousekeeper or registered consignee) 
    - Certificate of registration as a food processing establishment (from your local authority’s environmental health protection department or the National Food Agency) 
  • Contact details: email address and telephone number
  • A brief description of your operations: this should state whether you manufacture and/or import drinks and what type of drinks you manufacture and/or import, e.g. beer or wine
  • A brief description of how you intend to distribute your drinks to Systembolaget’s stores: you are responsible for ensuring the drinks reach the stores. Most suppliers handle this by engaging a distribution company, although some suppliers do handle it in-house. Your plan for resolving logistics issues only needs to be described in general terms and the logistics solution can be changed at a later date.

Email all of the above information to
If you have any questions, you can contact us at the same email address. We usually answer within 48 hours.

We will review your documents and descriptions. If we have any questions or need any complementary information, we will contact you. The processing time is up to 5 working days if you have supplied all the information we need.

You will receive an email with your log in details for the Supplier Portal (Leverantörsportalen) – the place where suppliers and Systembolaget communicate. Please note that you have not yet been approved as a supplier. The mail will also contain information on the areas covered in section 8 below.

Go to the Supplier Portal (Leverantörsportalen). When logged on, you  need to do the following:

  • Complete the online training course for prospective suppliers that you’ll find once you’ve logged in. You’ll be given a code as proof that you’ve completed the course.
  • Read Systembolaget’s purchasing terms (Inköpsvillkor), which you’ll also find there.
  • Complete the “Supplier’s details for Systembolaget” form (Leverantörsuppgifter). This will require you to, amongst other things:
    - Enter a so-called GLN number (used as company identification on orders and invoices). You can sign up and obtain a GLN number, for a fee, at
    - Demonstrate that you are signed up with one or more companies that handle packaging recycling: Svensk glasåtervinning for glass packaging, Returpack for return packaging and FTI or TMR (in Swedish) for cardboard packaging. The company or companies with which you sign up depends on the packaging you use for your drinks. You must personally sign your company up directly with one or more of these companies. 
    - Attest that you are familiar with and support the Code of Conduct of the Business Sustainability Compliance Initiative (BSCI) with which Systembolaget is affiliated. BSCI is an organisation that works to promote sustainable supply chains and CSR worldwide. The Code of Conduct is available via a link on the Supplier Portal. 

Email your “Supplier’s details for Systembolaget” form (Leverantörsuppgifter) and the code you received upon completion of the online training course to

To sumbit Trade Item Information to Systembolaget you will also need:

  • A contract with Validoo Item, a service from which Systembolaget will collect information regarding new items; and 
  • A contract with a systems supplier for entering Trade Item Information and submitting it to Systembolaget via Validoo Item

Both the contract with Validoo Item and the systems supplier are subject to a fee. 

Read more about Validoo and its approved systems suppliers here.

We will check that everything is correct and complete. This will take about 5 working days. Once we have done this, we will register you as a supplier.

You will receive an email with personal log in details to the Supplier Portal (Leverantörsportalen). You can add additional users from your company if so required.

Your company is now approved to start supplying Systembolaget. Please note: this does not mean that we have purchased anything from you – simply that we may now purchase drinks from your company.