Working with ethics and anti-corruption

Systembolaget has zero tolerance for corruption. Equal treatment of suppliers and good business ethics are core components of our operations. Here you can find out more about how we work with ethics and anti-corruption.

Over and above the obvious reasons for working to counter corruption, Systembolaget is a state-owned company with a responsibility to maintain high ethical standards in our work. Systembolaget consequently conducts a systematic and long-term programme of work designed to counter corruption, both within our own operations and throughout our supply chain. We have established risk assessment procedures to support this work. We have zero tolerance for bribery and other forms of corruption. We do not accept any form of direct or indirect attempts to exert an improper influence on our employees, either by suppliers or partners, nor may any employee request, promise or offer any form of improper remuneration or other benefit. Our retail monopoly and the fact that we sell alcohol make our work to counter corruption even more important.

Here are some examples of how we are working to prevent corruption:

We have a centralised and transparent purchasing and evaluation process. We apply the same terms to all of our drinks suppliers, for example, and we do not negotiate the structuring of the purchasing Terms and Conditions with individual suppliers.

• We have centrally approved display and placement rules adhered to by all stores.

• We have routines and system-level support for reporting incidents when we experience or suspect improprieties.

• We have internal steering documents that address:

• Our work to counter corruption and improprieties.

• Internal rules governing external contacts, including rules governing tastings, trade fairs, and field trips to producers.  

• Internal rules governing internal entertainment.

• Internal rules governing the employment of associated parties.

• All employees must, upon taking up employment with Systembolaget, sign a document attesting that they are familiar with our internal Code of Conduct.

• All managers shall, as part of the annual performance review, sign a certificate stating that they are familiar with our internal Code of Conduct.

• As part of the performance reviews, the manager ensures that the employee is familiar with the rules arising from our internal Code of Conduct. The employee is also given the opportunity to discuss any ethical dilemmas with which they may have been faced.

• Ethics dialogues with the Systembolaget employees are held twice yearly. The dialogues generate the scope and potential for open and honest discussions of issues relating specifically to ethics and management.

• The majority of employees have completed an online training course in sustainability during the year. Systembolaget’s work with ethics & anti-corruption is an important element of this course.