Systembolaget has zero tolerance for corruption. Discrimination, harassment, crime and environmental infringements should never occur. Equal treatment of suppliers and sound business ethics are crucial.

We are grateful for your contribution in living up to this commitment. For this reason, anyone can report concerns of corruption or other irregularities. You report your concerns to an external website, belonging to the independent organisation “Whistleblowing Centre”. You can remain anonymous and Systembolaget will not be made aware of who has made the report. Our wish is to discover any corruption or other irregularities at the earliest possible stage.

What can you report?

The Whistleblowing System allows you to report persons in management and key positions at Systembolaget - if you suspect that they are guilty of serious irregularities or anomalies, such as:

  • Financial crime, such as forgery or the giving and receiving of bribes;
  • Corrupt behaviour, such as abuse of position;
  • Major shortcomings in workplace safety;
  • Serious environmental crimes;
  • Serious forms of discrimination and harassment.

How do you report?

Follow the instructions in the form that you can download via the link below to the Whistleblowing Centre. It is easy and safe to report, and you can report anonymously.

When you have sent the report, you will receive a username and password on the screen. Save them in a secure place.

After a maximum of 10 days, you will receive an answer or follow-up question from Systembolaget. You will still be anonymous. All contacts take place via the Whistleblowing Centre with the username / password that you received.

Make a report to the Whistleblowing Centre here

Thank you for your help!

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Systembolaget's Responsibility Report 2023

Responsibility Report 2023