Facts and figures

Systembolaget has a nationwide retail network of approximately 430 stores and approximately 500 agents serving smaller communities. The agents do not carry items in stock, but the entire product range can be ordered through them.

Customer visits

There were 120 million customer visits to Systembolaget's stores in 2014 – the highest number ever. The trend in recent years has seen customer visiting our stores more often, but buying approximately the same overall amount as before.

A wide product range

Systembolaget’s stores offer a wide and quality-assured range of products. The product range of wine, strong beer and spirits is one of the most comprehensive in the world. The standard range comprises a total of approximately 2,400 items. Our suppliers also carry approx. 12,900 items in stock that are available for order from any Systembolaget store. The entire purchasing process is brand-neutral and quality certified.

Fact and figures*

  • 438 stores
  • Circa 5 4000 employees 
  • Approximately 500 agents
  • Roughly 19,000 items
  • Around 700 active suppliers who offer drinks from roughly 5 000 producers
  • 120 million customer visits
  • 40 million digital customer visits 
  • Revenue 27,5 billion SEK (including tax on alcohol)
  • Result: 289 million 
  • Earnings on equity 17,5 percent
  • 100 percent owned by the government
  • Formed 1955
  • CEO: Magdalena Gerger
  • Headquarters in Stockholm

*Numbers from 2016