For producers

How to sell products in Sweden

With a state-owned retail monopoly, Sweden differs from most other markets. What does this mean for producers?

Systembolaget in brief

  • 450 stores, 475 agents and online store
  • 900 suppliers delivering from thousands of producers
  • Approx. 28,000 items
  • Sales volume: 577 million litres
  • Revenue: MSEK 38,120
  • Net profit: MSEK 376

(figures for 2021)

How to sell products with Systembolaget

Swedish law establishes that Systembolaget can only purchase from Swedish importers/beverage suppliers who have been approved by the Swedish tax authorities. This applies to all Systembolaget product ranges (see below).

Producers therefore either need to enter into a partnership with such a supplier or form such a company in Sweden. Good ways to get in contact with existing suppliers to Systembolaget include your country’s embassy in Sweden or via a chamber of commerce which your country may have in Sweden.

Why a monopoly?

Systembolaget is a non-profit state-owned company that holds exclusive rights to retail alcoholic beverages in Sweden. The mission for this monopoly is based on public health consideration; the aim is to sell responsibly and limit the harmful effects of alcohol and not to maximise sales.

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Blind tasting. Quality is the only consideration when Systembolaget purcahse for its set range. Producer, importer or presenation is not taken into account.

Equal purchasing terms for everyone

Systembolaget must comply with requirements imposed by the EU for state-owned commercial monopolies.

In short, Systembolaget should act in a transparent, objective and non-discriminatory way. Some important implications include:

  • Purchasing terms are non-negotiable and apply equally to all suppliers. We cannot and will not favour any particular products. For instance, Systembolaget’s price markup is transparent and the same for everyone.
  • Distribution – the number of stores in which a product is listed – is based on customer demand.
  • Inclusion in our Set Range is determined via a blind tasting in which quality is the only consideration; producer, importer or presentation is not taken into account.

To ensure compliance with laws and regulations, Systembolaget has zero tolerance for all forms of bribery, corruption and irregularities, both internally and externally.

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Systembolaget is popular

Customers give Systembolaget a high grade for its product range, its commitment to service and its responsible approach to selling alcoholic beverages.

In surveys, 3 out of 4 Swedes say they want Systembolaget to retain its exclusive right.

Producers must meet sustainability ambitions

Sustainability is a strategic priority for Systembolaget. Together with the Swedish importers, Systembolaget aims to reduce the environmental and climate impact of cultivation and production as well as of transportation and packaging.

Continuous improvements of human rights and establishing traceability in the beverage supply chain are other priorities.

Systembolaget’s sustainability requirements and Code of Conduct are stipulated in our General Terms and Conditions.

We may also monitor producers´ sustainability work, for example by conducting third-party audits, gathering sustainability information or making field visits.

Tools, training and other resources are available to facilitate your efforts.

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Product ranges

Set Range: 94% of total sales. Available in all stores based on demand; full range online. New product launches each quarter. Renewed quarterly. Distribution adjusted twice a year based on consumer demand. Purchased through request for tenders and a blind tasting panel.

Temporary Range: 3% of total sales. Smaller volumes of exclusive products. Available in selected stores; full range online; most exclusive products only available online. Weekly launches. Purchased through request for tenders or offers from suppliers and by Systembolaget requesting internationally coveted beverages from renowned producers.

Seasonal Range: Specific launches for Christmas, Easter and Beaujolais Nouveau. Available in all stores; full range online. Purchased through request for tenders and a blind tasting panel.

Order Range: 3% of total sales. Range controlled by the suppliers. Kept in storage by the importer. Can qualify for placement on store shelfs and our Set Range through consumer demand. Same terms and conditions and pricing applies.