Our social responsibility

Systembolaget's role is governed by the Swedish Alcohol Act, the contract with the Swedish Government and by the directives issued by the government in its capacity as our owner.

We want to inspire people to take an interest in what they drink and to focus on health and quality rather than quantity. And to use our expertise on our customer's behalf, both with regard to the taste characteristics of individual drinks and with regard to their effects on people's health. Our conviction is - the more people know, the better they will handle alcohol.

Systembolaget's mandate from the Swedish state is to help limit the medical and social harm caused by alcohol and thereby improve public health. For Systembolaget this means:

  • Restricting availability through the number of stores, opening hours and selling rules
  • Not attempting to maximise our profit
  • Not promoting additional sales
  • Being brand-neutral
  • Providing a high standard of customer service
  • Being financially efficient

Selling rules

  • We do not sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 20
  • We do not sell when there is a reason to suspect illegal resale
  • We do not sell alcohol to a person who is intoxicated