Our alcohol policy role

Systembolaget's mandate is based on consideration for public health. Systembolaget exists for one reason and one reason only: alcohol-related problems are reduced if alcohol is sold in the absence of a profit motive. Systembolaget is expressly mandated to limit the harmful effects of alcohol. This mandate is governed by the Swedish Alcohol Act, Systembolaget's contract with the government in its capacity as Systembolaget's owner.

Systembolaget's mandate to limit the availability of alcohol has a socio-political objective that is laid down in the Owner's Directive issued for Systembolaget by the government. The Owner's Directive and the other steering documents also establish a number of key principles: that the customer shall receive a high standard of service, that the product selection shall be made objectively and neutral, and that the operation shall be conducted in a rational way and shall not seek to maximise profits.

Systembolaget shall use its expertise on its customers’ behalf, both with regard to the taste characteristics of individual drinks and with regard to their effects on people’s health, and shall thereby inspire our customers to make informed choices about drinks and to adopt a healthy approach to alcohol.

The mandate can only continue as long as it has both parliamentary and popular support. There is majority support in Parliament for maintaining a retail monopoly for the sale of alcohol beverages in Sweden, for public health reasons. And ultimately, Swedes view of the way in which Systembolaget manages its mandate is crucial to public acceptance of the monopoly. We monitor public support for Systembolaget on an ongoing basis.

Our vision

A society in which everyone can enjoy alcoholic drinks with consideration about health and without harming either themselves or other people.

Our business concept

To sell alcoholic beverages responsibly while offering a first class standard of service and sharing our knowledge of alcohol and health.